Ugh (This Again)

Alright, @Mohadib can we please get rid of this stupid deal on packs?

My drop rates prior to it going live were at least decent enough to farm for a few days to either create a few legs or max myth an item.

Now it’s no box three runs, one box one run (2/3 commons), then no box another three runs. And it’s literally almost consistent. A bit of deviation but it’s nearly consistent.

Like comon man, I know you guys have to make money. But don’t ■■■■ people who farm instead of spending green over to the point they’d feel they’d only progress if they spend.

So tired of this incompetence and bullshit.

(Oh and spoiler, it is a complaint, because frankly I don’t care). Yep, honestly it’s time to quit. Peace.

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You got lucky once. I can guarantee you won’t again.

They really need to address these shitty drop rates and their lies to us about not having changed (nor having the ability to) rates.

this happened time after your post, I thank you I think you heard the above

Its beater than mine

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this is exactly the idea…otherwisw how they would make MORE money?..:slight_smile:

there is a paywall, that is really high in this game.
To be the top of the top, you will need the best available things.
Atm those things are only obtainable with really hard grind and a huge amount of luck, or with money and alot of luck.
To actualy get the legendary-myth only items that you need to be the top of the top.
Those are:
Bunkershell, magmablast, sorrow, valiant sniper, reckoning, ash generator, grimsom rupture.
And OFC the modules that are unobtanium made(even with cash you wont land them), Myth HP plates, Myth Protectors.
But you can still have decent-strong builds with epic-myth items.
You will lose to the ones that have the above mentioned items, unless you specific build to counter them(that will generaly make you weak against other builds).
I for once think that a good strategy is to find the element you like to play(phis,heat,energy), and build 3 mechs of that type(it takes alot of grind time for fully fused myth builds, about 1-2 months),and each mech be build to counter a certain element(mech 1 to counter energy,mech 2 to counter phis, mech 3 to counter heat).With this you won’t be the top of the top, but you will be able to stay in the top 100-50.
The game is a roullet, and the curency is either money, real money, or grind time.
It is up to each one how far they want to dedicate themselfs to it, and what is evryones goal.
I personaly think that it should be treated as a game, and enjoyed as a fun activity, not turn into a job thing.
You will win some, you will lose some, but you will learn, and improve.
PS: no matter how strong the oponent is, a simple mistake on his behalf can cost him the game.

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