Types of SM players

Add another category:

The Instaquiter
Only fights mechs he knows for certain he can beat. Rage quits instantly when facing certain opponents, or chooses the wrong mech line-up.


seems to me the difference between 8 and 14 is subjective and based on whether you find a person funny or annoying. shrug

a more positive version of 13 could be created by calling it the “casual” or “mid ranker”. wannabe I think should be reserved for those who find themselves in the mid ranks while thinking themselves to be better than the mid ranks. there are a lot of mid rank players who I’d feel pretty mean about calling a “wannabe”.

other categories I thought of:

  • sprite artists - only care about pictures of weapons not actually using them
  • mentors - give advice to newbies or teammates
  • rabbit enthusiasts - view the game as a rabbit appreciation forum.
  • sheep - can never come to their own oppinion, adopts the position of the majority and is prepared to flip flop.

No. 17 The Illegal Immigrants -

The players who have secretly created an email account to verify their account essentially disobeying the TS TOS who can either be really good mature players or really annoying brats.

No. 18 The Illegal Outlaws -

The players that cheat.

Lolling here… these are fun. if you are upset with these… please tell me because I am doing these as a fun task

Let us not forget the “beloved” Smurfs of @L4K3… he really loves them.


:slight_smile: then you also need the “anti smurf” category…

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19 naruto player

the one with motivational speeches that encourages others and says things like: I’ll be in top 10 one day, belive it !!

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who will I be on the list


Each player is unique, and we cant list them all. I made some common groups, but still no one fits in only one group ( except for the laxative ones), so find your mix and enjoy :laughing::heart:

This sounds like some ice cream commercial lol


Quotes that might be me

Except for the original one I don’t make my own builds.

I am in 3 classes.
Is this a bad thing.

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Number 15 20: People who have stopped playing due to the f2p model constantly beating them down.
20a: The Artist; no longer enjoying their time playing the game these ex-players instead spend their time making fictional items themselves.

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Also you forgot.


@L4K3 He knows everything about smurfs.


i know 14 9 and thats it

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This player regularly helps low ranges to make their mechanisms stronger are common in the game


Added 2 more types. I think list is close to an end, if it already isnt finished :slight_smile:


Ja bi reko da cu ja biti idiot

Salim se bicu miran igrac.


Hahhahaha ne, ti znas za dobru hranu :slight_smile:


Koju crnu hranu ja jedem cpis zeno xD

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Ma sta ima veze, dobar je i cips


Ne nado tak pozalyista , slaviasnkiye iyaziki top no zdes nychen english (sorry for off topic)

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off topic
May i ask why the hell does everyone asks their lauguages when we are talking?