Types of clan leaders ☑️


Yes and please do not forget to mention who own the bronze medal record also :exclamation:



If you all continue talking about medals and competing who’s leader is better and similar, I will nicely ask you to leave this topic. I didnt make it so you start fighting. Finish what you have on private messages, thats what they are for.

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Types of clan leaders :

  • Best possible Leader

Like @HappyPoppers is with following characteristics, to describe this type of leader “Best possible Leader” …

  • never lies :exclamation:

  • helps all members

  • never kick members, who helped the clan

  • helps also other players (out of the clan)

  • do not support Clan manipulating from other clans

  • do not cheat

  • do not use alt-accounts, to put down other clans

  • the oldest leader for sure (not age, playtime)

  • very friendly

  • a great humor



good memory, it’s a great team, boss is very excellent.
and was motivated team
clan remains a legendre


I wasnt fighting…
Who was i fighting?
I only sugested that a legendary leader status should be inserted. Or something like memorable leader, know by all … always remebered.
Also like Bago… a perseverant leader that didnt have the luck to do it… missed it by a few, something in that area.


Hi guys…
I love u all
If u hate me, that is your problem.


thinking of myself as a leader of a clan, i would establish the category
i have a clan since i begin to play this game (3+ years) but i never bothered invite anyone yet…:rofl:


I updated the list, added 10 more types :smiley:
Special thank to @Misfit and everyone who suggested a type.


Hahahaha, met 1 leader like this, we were at Top 7, then suddenly just 1 of his very very strong clan members just left to quit playing SM, my leader thought it was his fault then literally kicks everyone out.

Met 1 leader like this, it was Jovanna.

Never met any leaders like this.

@L4K3 where are you?!

Met 10+ leaders like this, they would rarely talk in the clan chat.

I met 1 leader like this, it was the guy who left clan to join LLYL.

Met 5+ leaders like this, one of them is in the Top 6 clan (currently now, but forgot the name and frankly I’m too lazy to see)

None. Period.

Met 100+ leaders like this, I didn’t even join their clan but I know it’s bad.

Met none.


How do you know Jovana?


I am an old player, don’t worry. :clap:

Also fought him once in arena, he beat me :ok_hand:


Jovana is my sister’s account, but she isnt playing. My dad is on her account now, also a leader of old reign. We didnt want it to get lost


Never knew this actually, I’m surprised.

I knew this already, same for the Old Reign stuff.


you know, Plato said democracy is the tyranny of the masses…:smile:


O gold Marija. I love your threads.


Thanks, hope you all enjoy them :sun_with_face:


we do…
(yeah i kinow…20 characters…)


W :clap: E :clap: D :clap: O :clap:

Also I saw that you’re now a new leader of a “Reign” clan, but forgot the 2nd part.


I made it half a year ago, Reign forever. So that I dont get invitations anymore, and I have some old friends there


If no fighting allowed, my topic dies so fast :joy::joy::joy::joy: