Types of clan leaders ☑️


A LOT of emojis 


I am looking for player with reflexions or with the team, to discuss team if collective good player, and I monitors my players,
never to kick 2 players
I do not take cheat players,bad behaviour
skull does not have important, important active regular and motivated player,
my objective top 1 , etc


I will add few more types soon, just waiting for them lol


Yes add, @HappyPoppers type please, what are the characteristics I wrote already :exclamation:

So you would have 1 more positive example in your list (with a lot of negative ones) :exclamation:



My favorite leader was always Pegasoto … the second good leader that I met Grosbite (I value very much the quality of person and he has it, is an exceptional person, I would trust him in any circumstance). And I also had an excellent relationship with Littlelost (I regretted the day he decided to leave the game). Littlelost got me to take affection, to be attached to the clan, and that means he was a very good leader.

About other leaders I cannot talk too much, because I was only in 3 clans.

Somehow Marija must have been a good leader because she managed to keep her clan long in the top, against all odds.


I want to make a shoutout to @ReiMuBots. over a year ago now HTK came into some bad times. fell all the way down from guaranteed top 2 to rank 5 where it finally rested. Rei took leadership of the clan at this uncertain time and got HTK back on its feet. without her efforts who knows if HTK would still be here today, the clan that has given me so much in this game. so to Rei, also known as r1234 ingame, I dedicate the following category:

The Savior

the leader who steps up and takes charge in a time of crisis to lead the clan through to a recovery.


What about the nice good looking leader all the women swoon over ? :slight_smile:


Never met any leader like that :stuck_out_tongue:


That also fits @grosboss, he did thst for LLYL.
And also fits @Lannister, when Reign Reforged was done.
Hard times, make great leaders. Great leaders make good times. Goos times make weak leaders.


@HappyPoppers and @ReiMuBots are best leaders ever … it is/was a real pleasure to play for their Clan HardToKill :exclamation:

HardToKill playing with …

Heart :heart:
Brain :brain:
Honor :woman_cartwheeling:t3: :man_cartwheeling:t3: :man_juggling:t3: :women_wrestling: :men_wrestling:



Just, Reign reforged wasnt at hard times or done, was doing good, but had to change leader due to personal reasons :slight_smile:


Besty, this topic isnt about best leaders. Its about types of leaders. Its ok to find your leader in this list, but to keep spamming about great stuff he did… I dont think anyone is interested in that, except for his clan members.


But best leaders are also a type of leaders :exclamation:

Also funny why you only tell this to me, even others did the same :exclamation:

Always a pleassure to talk with you :exclamation:



Because you mentioned two right off the bat. Metre replied to Misfit about what they said. So no one BUT you did.

Please, don’t start this here. Just leave the topic as it is.


I say @L4K3 is the best leader


I miss him :exclamation:






a bit difficult, clan with 24 players before was 15 players?

forget to say I was twice boss clan colossus and now LYLL 2


Done as in created… emerged, founded, afte Spula left… was a confused time atleast when that transition happened.
Flushy was in the shadows back then, and doing his bunny heart out to keep things toghether.
And so were you.
I alwaysed regarded Reign more of a counseil ruled clan, then single leader thing.
But the Imp is funny.


Well we should never forget Littlelost he managed to do something remacable… 58 consecutive weeks of full top1 clan.
I know that because Rocco… miss that degenarat freack, had exactly 54 gold clan medals, and he joined LLYL after 1 month of beeing top 1.
Littlelost belongs in the Legends cathegory, and it should be made specialy for him.