Types of clan leaders ☑️


Since my previous ‘types of’ topic went well, I decided to make new one. This time, its Types of clan leaders. Im sure you all met at least one leader from this list, or maybe you are one?

  1. Member stealer - This leader likes to invite players who already have clan, usually, that clan happens to be a threat, or the leaders have some issues.
  2. Kicker - This leader kicks members, A LOT. Sometimes for no particular reason, just simply likes to kick and add new ones, few times a day.
  3. Begger- Ah, this leader is very annoying one. Will ask you thousand times to join, beg and swear to do anything for you to join.
  4. Leaver- This leader makes clan, gets members and leaves as soon as some a little stronger clan invites him.
  5. Servant - This leader isnt really a leader, more like a slave of the clan. Members tell him what to do, who to invite and stuff. He is there just to do the clicking.
  6. Pusher - This leader is very ambitious, sometimes too much. He will keep pushing members to play so the clan progresses, and if they cant, he will turn into ’ kicker’ leader.
  7. Defender- This leader is like a lawyer of the clan. He tries not to see bad things, thinks his members are the best. Depending how fanatic he is, it can be positive or negative type.
  8. Idk what am I doing leader- Usually a newbie leader, who doesnt really understand how things work. Probably ends up leaving clan or staying alone in it.
  9. Helper - This leader is supportive and helps members envolve and become better, its usually an experienced player who knows what he is doing.
  10. Shadow leader - This leader isnt leader, but rules through someone. I still dont understand why is this happening.
  11. Mental breakdown leader- This leader is extremly rare, when he doesnt manage to do what he wanted, he will kick everyone and destroy clan.
  12. Old faithful- This leader is leader for years, usually has sucessful clan, doesnt need to be top, he still wont leave it.
  13. The Savior - The leader who steps up and takes charge in time of crisis to lead the clan through to a recovery.
  14. Sleepy leader - This leader makes a clan, and isnt logging in for days…
  15. Ghost leader- This leader is online, but like he isnt. He doesnt talk or anything. He even wont invite players, he will wait until they send request to join.
  16. Tyrant leader - This leader doesnt care what members think, he joins who he wants, kick who he wants, has some strict rules about clan. If you try to change something, you will get kicked.
  17. Democracy leader - The opposite of the tyrant, this leader will ask members about their opinion, will consult with everyone about some problem, will make a decision that is good for everyone… simply cares about the whole group.
  18. Cheer leader - This leader is very happy for some reason, will always bring joy to clan, always make fun in clan chat, and be positive. Doesnt have to be in a sucessful clan, he will still make everyone laugh.
  19. The bad leader - Simply, this leader isnt meant to be leader. Makes big wrong moves, doesnt understand how leadership works…
  20. The legend - This leader is no longer leader, but players always say he is the best. Usually a very old leader, and made super sucessful clan, years can pass, players will still talk with respect about him, and thats why he is a legend. ( Many of you asked for this type)

:arrow_forward: Disclaimer : I dont mean to offend anyone, its your problem if you found yourself in negative type.

Feel free to suggest more types, I will add them to list :slight_smile:

Types of clan members ✌️

what about a player wants be a leader but don’t know how to create a clan :wink:


Aint any option for good lad leader. Just negative stuffs.
Gold Marija good thread btw


Yes, only 2 are good lol But like I said, feel free to suggest


Defenetly @grosboss . I think he is one of the oldest Leaders(not as age, but as playtime)?


I have met over like, 50+ leaders like this, they insist me on joining their clan.

Met over 10+ time.

Met over 534906574356903490634+ times. Ok joke, but seriously I have met A LOT of leaders like this

This happened to me once, our leader and us were in the verge of obtaining Top 3 in the clans, but then he suddenly left to join LLYL, we all got SOOO pissed at him after that.

Met 5+ leaders like this, all of them are also kinda like the “IDK what I’m doing leader”.

Met over 15+ leaders like this, they push me to do sh*t even though sometimes they’re weaker than me, I end up just leaving the clan. My current leader is like this, but he’s not that bad actually, he’s a good guy.

I have met only 2 leaders like this, the 1st one was the guy who left to join LLYL, and the 2nd one is my current leader.

The ones in the Servant section, those leaders are.

Met no leaders like this, but I am one of them, I used to start a clan for newbies to help them go to Level 30 and Rank 4-1, then after that I would just tell them to leave my clan and actually find a clan that is in a higher rank than mine. I got over 4 students

What? I don’t get this one.

Also can you add the “Making up new clan rules or others leader”? My leader is like this, he makes “Clan Rules” and “Partner System”. Clan rules are just simple “No trashtalking” or some sh*t, but the “Team system” is we have like partners in arena, which doesn’t work that quite well…


The Normal One - Actually intended to be a leader, the one born for it, knows how to handle things and can make the right calls. The typical leader. A true Leader. The regular normie.


yas please


Also a joke one yet still viable:

The Disappearing One - The leader who has a filling clan with great members and a great reputation to the world only to have the leader disappear without a word. A clan with potential on the cliff of falling apart. Occurs a lot in the clan system.



cough @L4K3 cough cough cough VOMITS


Powerelectric lmao (he was annoying af)


You mean Powerelectri? The 2 Energy mechs with Zarakres?



WOAH, I just started a new acc, then when I killed the “Tutorial buggy”, a huge azz octagon repair kit appeared, then it said “WAVE 2/2”, and the “3rd Tutorial Mech” came down, they are testing a new thing huh?

Something new? Hmm

Im a Pusher/Kicker lmao not in a bad way tho…


Yep, his clan is gone now lol



Best leader ever :exclamation: :white_check_mark:

  • never lies :exclamation:

  • helps all members

  • never kick members, who helped the clan

  • helps also other players (out of the clan)

  • do not support Clan manipulating from other clans

  • do not cheat

  • do not use alt-accounts, to put down other clans

  • the oldest leader for sure (not age, playtime)

  • very friendly





That sounds forced tbh.


Your problem :exclamation:



I like @HappyPoppers. He funny.


Yep, it sounds forced with all the emojis… But yes I know you use A LOT of emojis.