Two new features coming next week or so


My friend @Ryker3314 emailed sm, and in the response told him that two new features would be coming in the next week or so that the community would love, apparently.

Maybe it will be the item tree and something else?


Item tree and Chat while waiting for battle is my guess.

I call it


Im thinking item tree and silver boxes that are catergorized
such as silver box for torsos and legs
and then a silver box for modules


TechTree and box prices fixed at 6500 coins


Fixed prices would be great


I sure hope it’s Techtree. That thing is very useful.


Nope, but it’s related with battles of couse.


You know what the updates are??


Item tech tree, probably. And “new boxes”


No, I only know that they they tod my friend that we would love them


When is it? Any idea?


Then I’m 1000% sure is item tech tree and new boxes.


They said in the next week or so…thats all the specifics


Oh that’s good enough for me


So box prices are not gonna grow?


If it is item tech tree and categorized boxes, that’s good enough for me.


this was in the game before reloaded I would just like to point that out


They didn’t finish the sentence: Next week or soon.


No, next week or so

This text will be blurred


I’m wrong about the boxes. Cause is two new “features”.