Two handed weapons?


idk… tbh i think since it’s dual-sided it should have range 2 but i feel like it would need to be a heavy axe to do some push…
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How about this: it has 2 range but you don’t jump to range 1 at range 2. Instead, it can still hit at range 2 so you can keep the knockback. Because it’s long.


hmmm so range 1-2 and has the knock back but the range 2 attack doesnt bring you close?




but then the most you could use this is 2 turns without having to move closer to use it again!
you would need a hook but then you would have waisted your turn on the hook… hmmm
why not just keep it traditional?
it’s a bit too complicated


Good point. How about give it a kamikaze superjump and make it jump towards you from anywhere?




i say keep it traditional;… after all it will just be able to do more for… more and at least something should stay normal


But then if you’re not in range how would you attack?
How about this: you can use utilities before you attack with the axe but you can’t activate weapons. Or you can just give it 4 range and make it super long. I like the super long part more. With the super long part, someone can either waste a turn getting out of range or attack twice but get hit afterwards.


hmmm i think that people would just equip 2 weapons if 1 weapon is around 150 weight… like maybe the axe and a nightfall… maybe thy equip a charge and teleport or hook…
they would be able to attack with high dmg (the axe) wasting 2 turns while if they dont they just use the nightfall and maybe a drone
so i think that this weapons should be heavy enough for players to think twice before equipping 2 of them, but at the same time enougth to let another normal weapon be equipped

this way the weapon can remain powerful while people can use other weapons (maybe 2 max with good mods) in case they’re not in range