Two handed weapons?



How about two handed weapons ?

heavy and strong but needs two Torso side weapon places ?

This can include two handed swords/axes as well and heavy machine guns (very heavy)


ehh doesnt sound so bad… but then if you think aout it… people could just equip 2 and then end of the game :stuck_out_tongue:


they will be very heavy as well hard to equip two of them without sacrificing alot of items :slight_smile:


hmmm around how much weight will one have?
gimme an example!


tripple the weight of single weapon . to make it hard to equip two of them.


well you might as well only equip one since it’s so heavy that most people wont be able to equip any other weapon… so these gotta be strong
like around flaming/lightning scope strong
and have 3 uses… basically a bunker shell with 3 uses but it’s supper heavy and uses 2 weapon slots
sign me in


I have a Idea for this, Just came up with this XD

Name: Deadlock
Type: Physical
Weight: 150
Damage (Maxed Mythical): 300-500
3 Uses
-14 Physical Resist Drain
+50 Heat (Cost)
-50 Energy (Cost)
Type: Two slotted weapon
Pros: Has the strength of two nightfalls, 2-4 Range, Deals high Average Damage
Cons:Heavier than Two Nightfalls, Extremely weak to Heat, Extremely weak to energy, Cannot be Equipped twice in one mech

How about it? A Stronger Spartan?


I have an axe idea:

Whirlwind Axe
124 kg
2 range
2 side slots
560-844 physical damage
70 heat
55 Energy
1 knockback
20 resistance drain
Uses 2 turns

It will use 2 turns to attack but hits very hard. First, you swing one head of the axe at the enemy. This is just for the visual effect. Then, you spin it and hit them with the other head, dealing the damage, resistance drain, and knockback.

Tell me if the stats are too low/high for a 2 use weapon.


Ok, now this is the first time I heard an actual good idea from you, good job :upside_down_face:


Good idea. A massive sword, or a massive minigun… sounds sweet


at myth make it 3 like any other restricted use items


I think he meant that this weapon doesn’t have limited uses but once activated it uses both action points, if you have only one you can’t use it


yes you right
i misunderstood…sorry


but i am digging the name and the idea.


i like the sound of this weapon but… why the push? it has 2 range but you would then push the enemy? why? i just want to know… also since you are wasting 2 turns why not make the weight 120 instead?


man that’s a lot of weight for something that can deal around as much as a nightfall with the arena buff… well the only bright side is that the arena buff would make the dmg 360-600… yes seems very good
i like how your thinking


man that’s a lot of weight for something that can deal aro


It moves you both forward at range 2.


yeah but why? i mean sounds interesting but all blades (range 2 melee weapons) have no push and have ranges 1-2
sure having the push would help for a blade+ nightfall combo (in different turns) but do we really need the push?


It’s an axe, so how about reduce the range to 1?