Two elements resistence modules!

Hello forum dwellers, today i present you 3 additional res modules that i see would fit perfectly into our beloved game.

Thanks to my friend @WinzKay who made a perfect illustration for this idea
Phys_Heat Res Module (Gradiant) 2 - Soylent
What u see here is one of three new types of res modules, Heat/Phys one.

Stats for maxed epic module: Weight 34, Phys res 20, Heat res 20.

Other 2 are: Heat/Energy and Energy/Phys.

Leave you thoughts and thank you for your attention.


Thats actually a cool idea man


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it is not possible, except add a new type of resist

I think it’s more doable than Trading or a new Weapon Type


I actually like this idea, Maybe max mythical can be shields 45 for two things?


Sounds good to me. +1

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Well, the idea is interesting but the weight of such a protector would be either 39 or 40 kg.
one-type protector at epic level 30: 24 resistance for that type at 28 weight.
Savior Protector at epic level 30: 16 resistance against all three types at 51 weight

So a double-type with 20 resistance against 2 types at epic level 30 is placed exactly between the one-type protector and the savior (three-type) protector in both the amount of types as well as the amount of resistance it has.
Resistance (24 + 16) / 2 = 20
Then the weight also needs to be exactly the middle between the one-type protectors (28 kg) and the thre-type protectors (51).
Weight: (28 + 51) / 2 = 39.5 => either 39 or 40 kg – more likely 40 though.

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I took it the other way

51 with 16/16/16

i made it lighter and les res to keep it between multi protector and individual ones

I dont see the reason to debate, stats are for example, focus on the idea. Thank u

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This is so simple yet perfect. Great idea


@Sarah247 take a look at this, one of the most simple but best ideas.

Other colours are on their way!

I did keep the idea in mind. I wrote that it is an interesting idea first.

I just mentioned the stats cause the weight is a bit too low.
The calculation was done to show / explain why I think that the weight at 34 kg would be too low and should be 39 or 40 kg instead.

Here are the modules of 2

as requested by @Soylent

Phys_Heat Res Module (Gradiant) 2 - SoylentPhys:Energy Res Module (Gradient) - SoylentHeat:Energy Res Module (Gradient) - Soylent

Changes can be made through request.


Here are alternate offers:


Heat_Energy Res Module (Angle) - SoylentPhys_Heat Res Module (Angle) 2 - SoylentPhys_Energy Res Module (Angle) - Soylent

Changes can be made through request.


Those actually look pretty neat… like!

3 months later…

It was linked to in another thread… had to say something cause they looked so awesome…

The mix of Y+B is breaking my eyes… And mind, I don’t know why though…