Two drones to choose from



Void. for sure you’ll win with that :wink:


my soul is an endless void so i go with void

the only thing that beats the void is faceshocker

Hurlbat does more damage than the void…

And dustmaker does a maximum of 213 dmg, same as the faceshocker (although the minimum is 120 while the faceshocker minimum is 160)
With energy broken people plus arena bonuses the faceshocker can do upwards of 300 though…

i have a myth faceshocker-

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Good for you

It is a scary thing to be on the receiving end of XD

i’d run for the hills if i fought me

Dankmementos, really? I’m surprised you said that.

dustmaker is my favorite phys drone btw

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Looks the best imo

my favorite heat drone is swoop also

Here you go

what is the heat version of dustmaker called again?

Eh, I fused all my Hurlbats away.


Void is better anyway, cause of the resistence drain

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I hate you for that pun…

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my most hated drone beats void
dont know how to feel right know

Void does more damage than hurlbat or dustmaker because of the resist drain. I’ve been able to compare in the arena and the effect is noticeable.