Twins battle in arena

I’ve met my twin in arena image


I open you a little secret… That is veeery popular build… and you will meet a lot of “twins” :slight_smile:


The Renegade build has been the most used f2p physical build for many months now.
You’ll mostly see them between rank 8 and rank 5.Simple yet effective build.


yup but i’m talking about our energy too

What’s with my energy?

You know who actually ARE twins? Me and Jake666666

can i see what do you have ??

You think that is amazing, I battle a player with twin mechs.



and I don’t have a screenshot of my own mech

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Hheeey you take the screenshot xd

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Oh I am ur twin too :smiley:

honestly you will meet a whole lot of people so yah not a twin but more.

And…i’m ur twin 2oo

Twins? More like Big Brother, Little Brother

I guess twins will be better suited for @CANOPY and @Wepwawet mechs, both are triple magma builds.

Is that Shower only work with magma… shower was made to magma as red rain was made to reckoning. Mistake is red rain consume energy and have 2 uses.

Maybe with Abom too, when the mech is not supposed to go against energy, OR MAYBE if the mech is a counter-energy…^^

Just wondering, is it still a Renegade build if you add some items, like a BackBreaker for instance ?
Or does the name change ?

In general when I speak about heat mechs, I mean those who are free energy.

It would be very complicated to build a heat that could serve against energy. You can, of course, and in fact there are, but I see it too risky. It’s like going out to the balcony naked on a day of - 8 °. Maybe nothing happens to you or maybe everything happens to you.

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You’re far better than me at building heat mech, so…I trust you ^^

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