Tweak tutorial a little


The tutorial seems basically unchanged since I first logged on, around 5 years ago. I feel like it needs some work.

For example, when you are prompted to build a level 2 farm to build an outpost, you can instead recruit a bunch of random units, or build a Level 2 metal mine, which make the tutorial uncompletable. Such features should be disabled until the tutorial is over, to prevent confusing newer players.

More information about damage and ranged units should also be included, as new players don’t understand their importance until later or firsthand experience.


Fair point, will look into it! :slight_smile:


I’d toss in maybe adding a new Tutorial step that involves recruiting and planting a spy!


I Disagree, I think this would be better as a mission (As opposed to a tutorial segment) as it requires players to build up some more resources before they do it.


the spy takes 24 ticks to recruit. you really want to stay in the tutorial, which should be completed in one short sitting, for over 24 ticks? how’s that gonna work on a 1-ticker? and if it will make the spy insta-spawn or spawn in a way shorter time for the tutorial, top players would abuse this system as well to get spies before tick 25.


Could just make it to recruit a spy, then continue the tutorial and catch up on it with missions.

I’d like to hear suggestions, criticism is great but its most interesting to know how we can best improve things.

Personally, I don’t really think the tutorial is a huge deal at all. Some improvements are needed to make it smoother here and there, but I think we should aim:

  • To make things clear enough to play without a tutorial
  • To keep the tutorial short, relevant and simple
  • To move things to “live” help where possible, e.g. first time you get spied, send an event to explain it… Perhaps mix it with achievements?

I kind of really like the result of the new raze op message, a lot of newbies follow the advice and I often get newbies reaching out because of it. I feel like we should incorporate more small helps in game to guide players, curious if others have opinions or suggestions on that.


u need to make it easier for people to comprehend the play style for this game and be able to fight and do stuff in a mean other than the adopt a newb center


@Alexander On a side note, It’s Seth’s voice with some modification on the tutorial is it not?