Tweak silver boxes

My idea is that once the boxes’s cost increased to a certain point , you should have chances of getting legendary like in the picture
( The cost is decided by the devs , it can be even 50k box for chances legendary )
Second is the box’s cost increase = chances of good stuffs increase at certain milestone for example :
10k cost = slightly chances of epic , more chance of rares .less chances of commons
40k cost = more chances of epics ,significantly more rares , no commons
80k cost = More chances of epics , less rares , slight chance of legendaries

I dont think these examples are really balanced but the idea of increasing chances of good stuff is the main point , the above is just an example and it should be decided by the devs if its implemented in game , feel free to comment your thoughts below



It will stop at 6.5k , ik cuz of bmmdev , and killin ecks de

I actually like this idea, a win for devs and players.
Players win cause they can get more from silver boxes
Devs win cause it gives a greater incentive to spend more coin,s and some may use tokens to buy coins to do this, and tokens=money for ts


I do like this idea but I feel that it would take away supermechs players’ focus on premium packs and thus make them less focused on tokens than coins. If the players aren’t as focused on premium packs and boxes and as a result tokens are less interesting, ts is not likely to implement this.

However, I think its a good incentive for me because typically I stop buying silver boxes when I get around the 30k tag.

Premium packs would still be viable , its 100% epics with a legendary or more sometimes.

Better than the silver boxes

i have got a lot of epics from silver boxes

How about this idea, how about we just put things into a store and let use buy them individually ? rather than hide them behind chance screens. ( Slot Machine )


that would be great but cheat for the store idea

I really need to look at the whole post before I type : \

Good idea, but 40k and 80k is just ridiculous. Maybe something like 10k and 25k would be more reasonable.

If combine these two ideas it will be great :wink:

Top players can can possibly have over thousands of milliions of credits , they can just buy silver boxes for legendary , takes a while but it doesnt cost real money like box/packs

The only one with “thousand million” credits are the ones that didn’t trade them in for premium boxes when they first got into Reloaded.

It’s a small chance for a legendary after all, not a confirmed 100% legendary rate, so I think that’s fine. Also remember that the box prices will always keep increasing with no limit until the price resets.

Example: 50 silver boxes cost about 1.5 million gold, and you’ll probably get a max of 1 legendary this way, if you buy until the price goes that high.