Tutorial Videos


Can look into it. It’s not a bad idea, but really comes down to someone doing it. To me, this seems more like something that the community should work on and then if the video quality looks good and seems to have good merit for the new players, we can look into adding it to the tutorial (but that requires going in and changing coding). Determining what is effective and what will simply be a time suck is needed.

The other thing to think about it is, how effective short video’s will be and how much information can you really get across? If it’s too short, it means you end up having a BUNCH of short video’s and after a few, the newbie may not want to watch anymore anyways. If it’s too long, then the newbie definitely won’t pay attention.

So I’d say, get some interested folks to try out a video, use it to help some newer players and see how the results are/how the newbie takes to it


Instead of encouraging it taunt the guy who is trying to promote the game and bring more players to it Pity Bro :frowning:


I would say maybe add a button in to open up a menu of the videos, and at the end of the tutorial it says “Make sure to check out these helpful tutorial videos” and points to the button. Not sure how hard that would be to make tho.


We can have an event right for making BD videos and the ones making the top 3 videos get rewarded with blues or something?
As @Annonymu5 said maybe @Claw can do it or we make a group for it.


@Muha lets keep that topic seperate and only talk about this one here. hes just trying to help here :slight_smile:

And yes he did cheat (did pilot for someone) but he was sorry for that don’t make it personal bro. if he wants to make the game better encourage it instead of discouraging and yea no ones clean in bd(even you)".


Most of the info you need to know is on the Wiki. All it takes is a small read.
The rest of the “getting better at the game” part comes from experience.
The more you play and the better you get. Of course you’ll have to be smart and learn from your mistakes else you’ll be getting nowhere.


Or have a mentor to point out your mistakes and how you can improve :wink:


We won’t implement anything willy nilly to the tutorial. As I said, if it seems effective, then that’s a different story and we can potentially put some effort in. But overall, the community needs to drive this effort to get something started. As for a video contest, I wouldn’t mind, but we need enough general interest first. No point holding a contest with a prize for top 3 if only 3 submit, ya know?


Why hold a contest when you can just reward people for trying/actualy doing something dor the community and helping newbs stay in this game. When’s the last time you guys rewarded someone for anything. What a cheap company


If we reward people for videos, people will then proceed to expect rewards for that video, make videos solely for the rewards. The videos will be of very low quality and before you know it you’ve a reward farm.

We’ve tried it several times and it’s never worked. Even offering 10k for a hand-managed translation went terrible.

Thus we keep rewards to in-world stuff, in a private, individual and non-advertised manner.

The basic thing with the tutorial videos is, you have to make them because you want to, that’s how you get good ones. If we encourage others to do it… We’ll just end up with terrible videos and salty, greedy people. If we could just give out stuff and everyone is happy and better, we’d give out thousands without much of an issue. But sadly, in many cases, you create more problems than you solve.

Same reason why the AANC is a volunteer project and the Tribune honestly should have been.

If we ever return to that, it’ll be through a Community Member of the Month thingy. But that stopped working very quickly too. If not immediately…

A bit back to the topic, I am interested in how tutorial videos would work out, and if it does work out that’s amazing and if it doesnt thats a lesson learned, but I’d have to ask that if anyone wants to do this, they see it as an experiment and don’t expect huge success. If you’re helping you’re awesome and we don’t want you to feel demotivated because not everything always works out!

BD is a pretty simple game with lots of good documentation in the end. Just send the triangles at the outposts :stuck_out_tongue: I think the biggest challenge is finding people. Once you’ve made a few friends, the rest kind of fixes itself.


Ofc you wont reward someone for a shitty video quality/content. Thats why we have you here to judge if its good or not, if it deserves a reward to keep that guy motivated for making more of what he is doing to improve the game/community


When people make them for a reward (which they will) they’ll both, expect it (and be angry when they dont get it, and even complain to and about people who do - we’ve sadly seen this happen quite a bit) and to be quite frank:

The people we want contributing, are those who don’t really care for that reward. The people who would feel motivated for a reward - we’d rather they just play and enjoy the game without muddling things.

it just doesn’t work, we’ve tried it on many, many occasions and it doesn’t. Keeping these things community based is better for everyone, and those who actually like doing it, mostly just want positive feedback and praise. Because their motivation is different… They want to help people, they like helping people. Knowing they’ve helped people, knowing its appreciated… that’s what gets their engine going.

If you want a quick 101 on how to get them demotivated, it’s having salty people going around criticizing them, doubting them and their intent, comparing them and so on.


I’ll do it for the reward of the BDA (AANC) link going out in the Admin’s welcome to battle dawn message.


Actually it’s included in an achievement message already, once they got into the game in a (very) basic manner :stuck_out_tongue:


It’s not just the newest players that we’re trying to reach :stuck_out_tongue:


I wont even bother reading all that text, that’s exactly what a cheap company would say. I say fck a game where the community has to do all the work


I don’t think the BDA is relevant for newbs who haven’t finished the tutorial and tried some basic gameplay yet. Ditto I think any tutorial videos shouldn’t be before that… I mean, if they’ve not come far enough to leave the ‘rails’ of the game, what would they want more info for? Plenty to process :stuck_out_tongue:


A quick test video I did to see if this is something people would be interested in. Pretty simple formula, 30 secs - 1 min video covering a simple topic.
Let me know if you think I should go for a 4-5 minute approach of explaining everything in detail, or just any other criticisms or thoughts you have.


I think it’s useful and doesn’t hurt anyone. Also that video above is very easy to digest, good job.


Its quite good @Jaymah and 30 sec time is fine too.