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Hey Guys its PS xD here,
Had an idea which would help to improve BD and encourage newbies to play the game i.e to add tutorial videos (based on proper guidance) along with the tutorial that should pop up on specific times (showing what would that structure or thing would do) or when a player is building a structure and should guide him what it will do
Personally if i share my experience when i joined BD and i was a newbie I would see ships attacking others and all that so i also wanted to attack someone but i couldnt find out what lvl 3 structure was and all that
So the thing is if a newbie is not properly guided he finds interest in the game but doesnt know how to attack and do other stuff his interest will be gone and he will say bye to the game.
On the other hand if we provide to him some short videos guiding him it would help him to understand the game.
Would like your views on this Thankyou.


That would be amazing! Im still kinda a noob myself, and I learned everything by dying and almost quitting. Avoiding that stress would be a gift to new players.


Would love this, especially the explanations of structures and what they allow you to do!


Wouldnt be too hard to implement, maybe BDA guys could record the videos.
For putting it in the game the tutorial should mention at end “Make sure to watch these helpful training videos for additonal help”


Yes exactly it wouldnt be too hard too implement a maximum video can be 30 sec or something like that.


Yea, short videos with specific titles would probably be best. Would help boost playerbase, as one of BD’s main problems gaining players is that many newbies are discouraged and leave because its complicated.



@Malicewolf what do you say its quite possible right?


Exactly. this will help alot newbies to learn the game faster as well. admins should look into this.


Maybe @Claw can do it?
i love his BD CE videos.


Yeah, I definitely wouldn’t mind doing something like this with the other guy’s from the BDA. Problem is how are these videos going to be distributed? On the forum? New players rarely ever seek help or join the BDA through the forum, we generally have to actively seek them out by planting in worlds.

So I just don’t think it would be worthwhile considering how few questions are being asked on the forum and how few new players are seeking additional mentoring on the forum.


You could make a BDA youtube channel and have some people apply to make some videos or just discuss BD in general.


That would be cool bruv


Sure, but the issue is the only people who are going to watch are probably people who are already learning with the BDA. So it sort of defeats the point, as the audience will be people we are already helping.


but wouldnt it help the player already learning learn more quick and they start winning eras themselves?


No, because generally speaking a video is only going to be able to lay out a certain level of information, and it’s not going to be able to address every context and situation that will face a new player. Those players already learning have access to mentors practically 24/7, and as such will find answers to their specific situations much faster and easier by asking one of those mentors than by reading a guide or by watching a video.


Again, if new players were clearly interested in some video tutorials, I would do it, but I doubt you could find enough new players who were interested in this sort of thing.

Perhaps make a poll for it.


How to add a poll? :smiley:

  • Yes
  • No

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Start with a video where you learn that cheating isn’t allowed, so you don’t get yourself banned, again!