#Tuesday thoughts


If you were stranded on a desert island what Mech build would you want with you and why?


I would like to have Marija’s “Chiken Mech” !


It doesn’t matter, because I will teleport out of the desert island!



One with a few heat controls on it to provide air conditioning and keep the drinks chilled and also a couple of lava sprays for the bbq.


Great answer!:relaxed:


I would build a Mech with Mythical legs that can jump back to mainland!


If its Year 2199

Year 2199 Top Model

If its Year 3000

Dev's Heat it Up Model

If its Year ???

Most Dangerous Mech (Should Never be shown to General Public)


This reminds me of Monty Python’s joke about the MOST FUNNY JOKE IN THE WORLD. It was sooo deadly, that Allied Forces used it against Germans, and translators had to translate only one word so that they do not die laughing… And one of them by mistake translated two words… Landed in hospital for 2 weeks… LOL!!


mmm i pick my bunneh 2.0 like a survival mech:

  • Has good cooling (122) so will keep me fresh.
  • His legs can jump so get some coco’s and climb on mountains will be easy, plus are not heavy so will not be eated by sand.
  • can make fire without energy (firewall) and chop without burn things at low energy cost (granades).
  • can defend me with the nova of island monsters.
  • the legs makes easy swim, so i can get some fresh fish for lunch.
  • his drone can be usefull to explore the island, is no energy so can explore all day/night for me.
  • when i get bored, like fluxeon, i can teleport meh to my house :blush: