Tryed to log in

This is what i get every time


Try to go to the Explorer.

It’s the only way my friend.

You seem to be trying to use an old version :slight_smile: Try to clear all cookies and try again.


Won’t work…the only way is go to the another bowser…

Clear Cookies and cached files :slight_smile:


Did it worked?

im working on it now its a barrowed computer so…

Tag me about that progress later.

Clear history.

if not use another browser.

Incognito too

thanks guys clearing my cookies fixed the problem, once I found them lol

Omg! I’ve the same problem, too! I just sent Jess an email asking for aid, oops. I’ll try the cookies, too.

Sweet! It worked! Thanks guys! :joy:

Hey guys…how do you clear your cookies and cashe?

One simple awnser:

It's simple

Ad block lol

No seriously…I cannot log in and I have to go soon…

You should delete history.

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All of it?


Lol why not all? Ur probably hidding something…

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Not really…

It worked…thanks @The_Yo_Yo_Man

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