Try to guess what I get :D

Person to get and guess what I get will get a full week of me giving them likes for every comment I see by them! If you guess the rarity then it will be for 3 days.
58 PM

(do you mean rarity?)

You obtained an epic or you obtained rare with common or you had a legendary or you obtained a common or you obtained epics with rare and common (here comes different options

You can only choose one xD

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Rarity guessing = 3 days of likes
Item guess = full week of likes

Iron boots and rocket launcher

Nope xD

nightmare and an energy module


You leave us hard to aver … homage nightmare iron boots?

Nope. I’ll give you a hint, it is a item like grappling. One is a leg.

scorching feet? electric grapple?

Nope xD Answer is charge item, and leg is metal maniacs.

Well now I know that nobody will get a week of I like xD hahahahaha

dude, charge item is not like grapple
and ok metal maniacs was unexpected :stuck_out_tongue:
but what about the rarity?


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What I mean b it, I mean grapple is in the same category.
Rarity is epic for charge.
Rare for legs.

As I look down…

Oh, I expected epic legs too

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Ok for 1.5 days :stuck_out_tongue: (Starting now xD)

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I will like you back deal?

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