Trust levels ... How do they work


How exactly do trust levels work and what benefit do they have outside of achievement?


As you gain trust, you’ll get access to an extra super special forum and also gain minor moderator abilities!

Basically, contribute and be a nice guy and you’ll get status and tools to help you :slight_smile:


That is basically it. So just be active and post a lot of constructive things on the forums, and you get trust. :slight_smile:


Not if you’re naughty though :frowning:


Yes, don’t be a feifei folks.

But seriously, the trust levels are based on posting, liked posts, and some other factors. If you prove yourself to be an outstanding member of this community, the forum will auto promote you to be able to help the community even more to some extent! But along with that, your trust level can also fall if you start to abuse your powers and people notice. So it’s a very community driven system :slight_smile:


Ok cool that’s awesome guys thanks for the info


Where did ya all find that? :blush:


So I just Like all posts i see in new posts, Especially the ones Alex makes and Reply to every new post, And I get Super-err Trust powers to delete posts that i dont like, Uh I mean are offensive. :smirk:
Time to go and like all posts i can find

Well How many people can get trust powers, or do everyone just get them if theyre competent enough, that will kill this system if everyone is going around with trust powers


You lose a bit over time and gain it as you participate.

You also gain it for flagging spam, rulebreakers, for being liked a lot (staff likes count heavier here :P) and for liking others (showing appreciation is a good habbit!).

On the other hand you lose it if mods take actions against you, if you flagged someone falsely… that kind of stuff!


Is this like #YoutubeHeroes. Owh no


Is YTHeroes still a thing? I thought they disbanded that.


Look what I found :smiley: there’s a good explaination


Thanks for posting that. Perfect for explaining how it works ^^