TRU OP module settings XD

(I was doubt about improve Leg heat engine or Leg 3_Type_Resistence, in the end i went on heat engine module for now)
this is my module build, and mech build stats.
I just improved heat engine from Leg tier to myth tier. I’m gonna hit 4 sure 550 max heat & 230 cooling.

I’m not sure about heat engine legendary+0 module, maybe imma replace it with a cooling mass booster.

And about energy capsule unit… i don’t find its Leg Tier version. (does capsule unit has legendary tier too, or is it limited to epic tier ATM?)

Feel free to give suggestions or criticize my module build.
Anyway with this build i’m able rekt most energy users. (i’m at 7th pvp rank)

Greetings, yours ancy :kissing_heart:

Remove the second mass booster, that third leg heat engine, and the capsule.

And add in two energy engines, and a mass cooling booster. Or more HP if you can. Your build is lacking HP wise.

Ya i know about HP lack, but i’m HP item player less XD
(I mostly have no problems rekting 1.7k HP player or players using (at max) 500 more HP than me).

i like most be strong in base cool/regent/heat/energy values, instead have higher HP.

If i ever drop Legendary HP plate imma fix my module build to wear it, but i’m not sure cuz it weights too much.

Ty so much for suggesions, imma work on it asap.

PS: so do capsule units has legendary tier ? or are capsule units limited to epic tier only atm max?

Capsules do indeed have L+M versions. They’re called Storage Units. Both the energy and heat versions provide you with 134 heat or energy respectively.

oh ty so much, cuz i never seen any since i started play game.

It’s possible i need some of it on my second mech.

ty again

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