Troop33 (My Clan) Recruitment - SM

My clan isn’t as good or as famous as Reign Reforged or Littlelost your lost, but as you can tell from the pictures above, it is an active clan and is welcome to all players. If you want to join and I don’t have enough members, I might be able to make room. If you want to join my clan you can look up “Troop33”. No space.

• Rank 18
• No cursing or no rude comments
• You must have at least 20 arena points.
• You can’t be unactive for more than 10 days.

If you don’t follow the requirements, you will be kicked. Also, you should be active in the chat.

                                              **Any Questions?**

you said active, but i see many ppl inactive

I will kick them soon if they keep it up.

Just kicked everybody who was inactive for over 10 days.

so how good is the clan ok i joined your welcome

Thank You…

yah am i the best in the clan