Troll Master looking for someone to hide under the bridge


With me don´t count. I am Lyll to the core.

I like your style, Oliver, you are very joker but at the same time you mean it. If someone takes it seriously, you and your friends get what they want. And if nobody thinks it’s serious, it’s all a joke and we laugh. Either way you seem to look good.

A message from me for your friend John, because lately we do not have much dialogue (the last time I spoke with him was to send him to shit when he came to propose an “alliance” between Lyll and Reign). Tell John that although he has done his best to see Lyll fall, Littlelost is still alive and will be alive as long as I remain on this game, even if I am the only one left there.


Hope the message is clear Oliver. Now go and tidy your bridge up will you.


Someone has paranoia :exclamation:

  • the bridge is clearly in the USA

  • se77en account is leader of the Clan Troll Masters

  • M12 is in a total different Clan

  • M12 still need to repair his roof

  • M12 has 0 % at all categories at Arena Shop

  • mixing up things, would be like … simular case with “time up” Mylarks, which clearly went in direction schizophrenic

So I worry a lot about people with paranoia, aren’t these people hide under a bridge because of :question:



I prefer the shiny spot at my pool :exclamation:


P.S.: maybe someone should read and learn about the meaning of “troll” … :laughing:


You do not ■■■■ with Mr. 12, that if I had not said it, you kept believing that Shabadoo is se77en. Even they laughed at you, because they had you confused. And since you are like the crazy ant and you think you know everything about everyone, your confusion was very funny.


OMG wake up of your bad dream please, it doesn’t matter who is who :exclamation:





Se77en has no desire to see any clan fail. He helps all. He tried to help nagibator win a gold but he messed it up. Has dialogue with members of all clans. He likes many members of all top clans. Spot S always open here WEP…LOVE Oliver


Stupid clan leader win a lucky medal. If you want to play with a medal winner then join. If you want to join my clan look for Fartaito.