Triple Crown Challenge 👑

I am only asking this out of ignorance because I don’t remember, but which players besides me have won individual :1st_place_medal: in all 3 formats of SM RELOADED play: 1v1, 2v2 and 3v3?

I assume @CANOPY but cannot remember. :man_shrugging:



i think bestplayer and lordogrgon both have done that too


I don’t remember @lordgorgon winning a medal in 1v1 since it began in reloaded. Bestplayer either.

Cos you have a bad memory or you don’t want to remember :exclamation:

But I won the very first week at Reloaded with a Heat mech 1v1 :exclamation:


Also I won with a Physical mech 1v1 … when @Wepwawet “cried” about me using the shield :exclamation:


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That was before the current version of reloaded. Before the long 2v2. Nothing recent.

But yes, it is confusing, with the many changes we had about the different game modes :exclamation:

Maybe there were different game modes, but who cares …

  • I still won most of all players

  • I still won most of all time

… have FUN to try to catch me and all my World Records :exclamation:


Reloaded is Reloaded :exclamation:

What you try … even splitting the Reloaded, which is pretty funny …

… cos it would be the same to split it in every single week, so someone win 1 time and she/he say “I am the best cos I won this one week !” :exclamation:


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Nah. Your medals were from the beginning of reloaded. Nothing recent. Therefore irrelevant in the current state of the game. It’s like teams with World Cup trophies from years ago that can’t win today.



Its like being the best ALL time and you can’t change it :exclamation:

I will give you some facts, sorry, you don’'t like it, but facts are facts …
(a few minutes needed)


Romania football team xD
I mean when we got Hagi we were great but now those guys are bad af.

To be clear for all, i think that Mechi is rather looking for a Ronaldo(current player which is op af) rather than for a Hagi(a player which used to be good years and years ago)

Idk if heard of second guy, just google it if not, guys.


World records in a flash game?
Where i see nothing some of u guys see life achievements?


i think most of us know her real name

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Nice one Trafi :joy::joy::joy::joy:

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I do respect your records but… All in the past.

Now that everyone has nearly equal equipment that is becoming more equal each day, the truth of the matter is that your wins were equipment dependent. Otherwise you’d add to your medal count. Please show me otherwise if I am wrong because I will congratulate you just like any other player.


@lordgorgon is mad at me/feelings hurt right now but he is the one who told me early this year that to be respected in this day and version of the game, a player must win in all 3 phases of the game.


Regardless of who won anything in past versions of the game, I think he is correct for 2019.


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The promised facts …

Best players 2018 :

bestplayeroftheworld (8 tournament wins / Single Gold Medals)
Canopy (7 tournament wins / Single Gold Medals)
LastOfTheWilds (7 tournament wins / Single Gold Medals)
Lord Gorgon (7 tournament wins / Single Gold Medals)

Best player 2019 :

Canopy (17 tournament wins / Single Gold Medals)

Try to be the best 2020 and don’t try to construct some strange “records” :exclamation:


Yes … World Records in a Flash game :exclamation:

… 7 World Records, player with most World Records of ALL players :exclamation:

Strange sentence, but I can understand what you tried to say …

Seems you missed that I am Top in the World Ranking of a real life sport …

  • +240 Trophies at the moment

… we have a whole room in our house just for my throphies :exclamation:


Top women sport …

Serena Williams
Yelena Isinbayeva
Paula Radcliffe

… won most of all time in their sport :exclamation:

(took just 3 examples without searching long time)

Top men sport …

Roger Federer
Usain Bolt
Michael Jordan

… won most of all time in their sport :exclamation:

(took just 3 examples without searching long time)

Doesn’t matter how hard you try to talk it bad …

  • I won most of all time

  • I won most of all players


Only one who will overtake me, will be @CANOPY and he deserve it and I am happy for him that he will be / is the new star of this game :heavy_heart_exclamation:


17 tournament wins in 1 year (2019) is a World Record of itself :exclamation: :exclamation: :exclamation:

All old, irrelevant records except LG and Canopy. Win some new medals for me. It’s like old clothes… Do you like to stay up to date on fashion or wear the same old clothes you have had for years with nothing new? :joy:

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  • every single tournament win is “equipment dependent”
    (with wrong equipment you cant win a tournament, thats exact the same now or then)

Or do you have a magic button to win your battles with NO (or bad or wrong) equipment :question:

ALL and every single tournament is in the past …

  • someone win a Single tournament, next day it is in the past

… that argument don’t work :exclamation:


P.S.: funny how hard you try to talk my success bad = :rofl: :exclamation: :exclamation: :exclamation:

Yeah just cause some random person says a thing on a flash game forum it does not mean that i m supposed to believe, idk about u but in my world, words without proofs are just dog barks which mean nohing xD


Sorry but it makes no sense, from a flash game to sport…?

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Translation in case the language barrier is a bit much for you: You had OP premium equipment before most other players. Once other players had the same equipment, you started spamming battle invitations and playing scared. No new medals either.

I am not saying this to be mean, Michelle. It is only an observation. So to apply LG’s logic to you in 2020, if you win in all 3 phases (1v1, 2v2 and 3v3) I think you will receive the respect and acclaim that you seem to covet. Everyone likes a comeback story. Especially me.