Trinity's range

The new Thursday portal will be a legendary weapon and it’s a top wepon I believe

… Stop. Don’t.


Did you hear this from the Global Chat??

Do not believe them.

It is most likely a new Energy Hammer or Heat Hammer or both.

No top weapons


What’s your source ? The people in Global ?


That’s gonna be released tomorrow (Or next Tuesday), While the orther one is gonna…

what if the hammer is a top weapon

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download (4)

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Hey man, It could be.

Don’t assume it won’t. It’s 2018

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Is this a new item portal? Item portals are usually released ln Thursdays.

… Stop.

When is Thursday for you guys?

For me, Thursday is in 5 hours…

I hope it’s on MY Friday so I can use my free day to grind

Thursday of where Mohadib and teams lives is the correct time.

Still about a day from now

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And when would that be?

Hmm… Where does Mohadib and team currently live now? I think Israel or somethin’.

53 PM

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Wait… May 30? Wow I didn’t know (But I do know of the IDL, shut up).

So have approximately 14-18 more hours.

No. Every portal for me has arisen at nighttime. in 14-18 hours time, it will be the middle of the day. I assume they won’t be putting it out until 24 hours has past… if not more

Or it will be in a few hours… hopefully not yet

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Ha ha ha XD i would not trust germany chat…
They only role play('ing you)

On global is much russian shit.
But when something there is english and reasonable then you can trust these people.