Transforming items?

We have the option to either fuse items or transform them.

…But I see nothing about how to transform, only fuse.

How are we supposed to transform items? Do they simply “transform” once we’ve leveled them up enough?

correct, if you boosted the item to max, it can be transformed, BUT only if it is able to be transformed to a higher category !
(the little coloured circles shows that)



Still trying to figure out the new system. Most of the “antique” gear I have is better than the new stuff, but I’m supposed to be clearing it out anyway, so I may as well do something with it since I can’t cash it out.

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I haven´t found in the new equipment a weapon that move 2 places (or more), like the “fire”. I asked and replied me there is not.

I need something like that for what I have built, so for now I have put my fire. The damage is almost nil with the new resistances, but move away.

If there is really nothing like fire, then I must agree that the weapons of the past were better, because that “little mouth of toad” (I call it that) was an icon of the previous version, the fact that it moved away 2 places, that it did not need energy to work, that it had unlimited shots, made it useful in all mechs.

Ok. Wepa.

But I worry about you, what does that have to do with the topic ???


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How do I transform something?

I’ve got an item ready to go, but everything in my inventory is locked.

Do I need to fuse multiple copies of the same item at the same power level?

@Sparkpoint yes that’s pretty much it. Once you’ve ‘maxed’ out an item you need another 4 or 5 (from legendary to mythical) - these don’t have to be copies of the item you’re transforming, just other items of the same grade ex. if you’re transforming an epic item, you’ll another need 4 epic items to do so. You’ll be sacrificing these items so it’s best not use anything important.

If they’d let me use “legacy” items to do it, I could do it. But it won’t. Gah.

I did my first Transformation of a max basic item (maxed at level 10). The system asked me for 2 sacrifice items and 10,000 coins. I gave it that and ended up reducing my item to basic at level 1. Is that a glitch? Did I mess up?

Does the item that you transformed have a blue frame?

Ah. Yes. It did go from gray (basic level 10) to blue (rare level 1).

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you level it up to its highest level, THEN you can transform it
Common Levels: 1-10
Rare: 1-20
Epic: 1-30
Legendary: 1-40
Mythical: 1-50
then its done