Transformation & Upgrades

When adding parts to an upgrade then the upgraded item gets exp.
When adding parts to an transformation, the part becomes it’s next stage without gaining experience from the materials required.

Now when you use the materials needed to transform an part to it’s next stage the parts added should also be materials for exp also.

Transformations originally doesn’t enhance exp when using materials to make it.
The improved version would be adding experience to the part when transforming it with the item’s natural exp.

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i dont get it , what do you mean

You’ve encouraged me to improve my post for all to have a better view of my view.

He means , right now when you use something to transform, it’s exp(fusion power) get wasted, but , in the improvement, the exp of the transforming item should also add to the transformed item

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Yes yes, experience is lost when using parts as materials for an transformation upgrade.
There are 5 transformations, common, rare, epic, legendary and mythical which do not gain exp from their transformations.

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