Transformation glitch? Please help


:neutral_face::tired_face:Ok Ok , So i been playing supermechs for a long time and i usally like the updates the SM team give out , but this SMreloaded i just wasn’t a fan of.(NO offense to SM team/rly dont want to hurt their feelings on something they worked hard on for a long time) But i was willing to give it a try on the features. It wasn’t so bad, they only had 2 problems which was an overpriced item boxes and my problem. Whenever I try to transform my so called item it transforms BUT the awesome button after it transforms dosen’t work. SOOOO I dont know WTH is going on but please SM teams please help me. IT would rly mean a lot thanks.:sob::cry:


@Sarah247 Said this Earlier -

This normally happens if you sacrifice less than the items needed to transform.
For example, if it asked you to use 4 items and you only use 3.

We plan on making this flow better in an upcoming update.


@TheDevil ok thanks but i use enough items when i transform it


Try providing more information like screenshots


@TheDevil uuumm like this lol


Did you had this item after refresh


@TheDevil nope i dent refreash


Lol waited like 15 minutes :smile:


Then try it :stuck_out_tongue:


@TheDevil lol ok hold on


@TheDevil nope doesnt work


Try transforming it again




@TheDevil:smiley: hahahahah


That Item’s cursed
@Sarah247 pass this to Developers


@TheDevil how should i do it


@TheDevil cuz i dont know how to do it


Umm… What??


I already posted about this situation in the bugs and problems chat


@TheDevil would posting it there help