TRANSFORM, i really don't get it

Hi Tacticsoft Team an hi all.
I have a huge issue whit the TRANSFORM phase of the game, i will now try to explain what is my trouble in my best possible english:

  • I do have an item that i’ m allow to transform, a green arrow pointing up is blinking on my item.

-In UPGRADE/TRANSFORM screen i see my item on top-left, under it i have 4 empty slots whit the purpose to fill whit other items i want to fuse to transform my main item.

-On the top right of the screen i see a list whit just 1 item free and all the others under it locked and unusable. Why?

WHAT DOES IT MEANS? What do i do wrong to not be able to keep transforming my items?

Best Regards and wishing a lovely day / ULISSE (f.k.a. THE SHARK)

I believe the issue is this, if you are trying to transform an epic item, you need 4 other epic items to do so. So item free showing must be epic, and the other items locked/unusable are either not epic or being currently used on your mech.

Please someone with more SM experience verify if I am correct.


You also need to use items that you gathered after the update. Items before the update can be used for boosting but not for transformation.


VERIFIED, Yes that is how they have it setup.

Plus here are some boosting tips which is kind of BS because of how limited our 120 inventory is being forced.
Managing inventory for 1 bot is tight but for 3 bots is outright BS.

TIP: Use items of the same category (torso, legs, side weapons, etc) for extra efficiency when Boosting.

TIP: Use items of the same type (physical, Energy, Heat) for extra efficiency when Boosting.

Tacticsoft please up our inventory limit to at least 300 so we can manage all this special boosting for our 3 separate bots.

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Thanks to you all guys, now i’m on the right track! Have a nice day

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