Transfer from Flash to HTML5

Flash is going to be discontinued in 2020 so I think going to HTML5 would be a good idea.

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They are already working on just that. Plus, they are also on mobile.


How do you know they are working on it?

The mobile app is adobe air though f I’m not mistaken

Cause TS wants to still make money after 2020. :rofl::rofl:


You no need transfer on html5 if game die faster 2017_03_29_13_03_29_300c530f027b6c657547621076e7a256

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LOL! :rofl: I forgot!

They discussed it somewhere, I dont remember where though

Maybe here… they start off talking about BattleDawn but SuperMechs comes into the conversation later on

Yea we had this conversation for BD a lot, there are some internal plans. Seeing that SM has more priority than BD i would say there is something being done.

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this game probably wont survive long enough to be disconected from flash