Trading with others


kinda wish that we could trade so that we could get better


Lol1000 idea about trade.



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He means that is 174577438853th topic about traiding :slightly_smiling_face:


You see. Trading would be cool and all. There are ways it could work easily, but this game can’t possibly be built for this feature seeing where this game is at currently.

Also this is a very redundant post about trading, as you can just search “trading” and get an endless page of posts.


your very smart (really)




very sure you are smart


I must correct you.
It is not the 174577438853th topic but the 174577438853rd topic about trading.

“3” at the end except for “13” means “XXXthird” when spoken and hence “rd” at the end.
lol I am just trolling. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Trading Idea number 123456789876543212345678.
The answer is just a no.
Every time.


I like the trade ideas but it NEEDS to have a cost. But a shop with an option to buy with Gold, Tokens or a desired item that is ALSO listed. It would have a max price, varies by tier and item.


There are very easily seen flaws with that. I’ll let you find out why.


How about no


Four the 10000000000th time. Trading will never be added.


No. (20 character limit)