Trading will never be added


I’m making this topic because I hate when people keep posting ideas about item trading. Even I posted an idea about trading. Two topics about it. But I decided to deal with that trading it will never be added. And everyone should stop making topics about trading. JUST STOP. I’m at least trying. Support me or ignore me. Whatever you want.

  • I agree, people should stop making these topics.
  • I don’t even care LOL

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Trade weapons with people
exchanging objects or giving away an object

Thank you.
Even I consider this was necessary.
Even @Elcent said it wouldn’t get implemented but people still posted threads about it after…


You’re welcome :slight_smile:


@Sarah247 @Elcent @Mohadib


People just ignore the similar topic thing when posting ideas. they’ll continue to post ideas that have been suggested :L

Also im not a spokesperson for tacticsoft so it could happen… but no logical reason to add it in my opinion.


JESUS GET THESE PEOPLE TO STOP PLEASE 1 like = 1 prayer for @DarkWarrior @Sarah247 @Mohadib @Elcent @Skiller-Legendary @L4K3
and pls. lets take this into consideration
What the heck!

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What if there was a trading system that you can trade stuffs for ppl
what if there was a trading system that you can trade stuffs for ppl

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New trading system
Btw I have no idea do I copy someone or no. A trading system would be something like this: -There would be ‘‘trading’’ button -It would lead you to a place were players sell their items -You would be able to make an offer: sell items for credits…

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Add trading for mechs
Add trading so you can trade with friends and other people

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New trading system, we need it
THIS IS A REMAKE OF MY OLD TOPIC. A trading system would be something like this: -There would be ‘‘trading’’ button -It would lead you to a place were players sell their items -You would be able to make an offer: sell items for gold or tokens…

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They should add a trading system
Bois need trading system soon

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Requesting Player Market or Trade
I Request a Player Market or a Trading Function to have more reasonable way to collect items. The Player Market may function as payment with tokens or gold, In that way, acquiring gold or tokens will be much easier and often make the game more fun…

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Trading Items With other players
I think that you should be-able to trade items with other players so that you do not bored of the same items.

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Please add trading before inventory limit starts ;-;
There should be a trading button when u look at someones mech, replays, and clans. When you click the trade button, it will lead you to their inventory and u can choose what u want from them and what you will offer. I need this because i have other…

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There needs to be trading allowed in the arena
so people can get rid of unwanted junk and get better stuff from other people

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Super Mechs item trade
I think it would be fair to trade items with other members of your clan. I’ve had so many item that i don’t need but other members of my clan need.

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So What do you guys Think About Item Trades?
So I was thinking of Item trades. Wouldn’t it be cool, if you could trade items with your friends, or to just generally help a new player out? I have met at least 10 new players a day, asking questions, and how to get better. I honestly feel bad for…

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Trading? Someone had to ask after the new update :slight_smile:
So the new update for SM has finally been released, most people don’t have many (or any) new items except for veteran players such as myself. In the OLD version of SM the devs specifically said that trading would break the game, I believe they made a…

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Why we can’t exchange with other players?


and more people to tag
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God damn it stop tagging me for useless things


Oh em gee,someone’s nice enough to think about us :laughing::laughing:

And hell,that was the best come-back I’ve seen in a while,too :laughing::rofl:


lol… do you want trading to be added?


If only everyone played SM like @Mohadib and @Sarah247 want it to be played (by buying thousands of tokens and spending on items) we wouldnt have a single post about trading since everyone would have every item after spending a couple thousand dollars each. Either play the game as its meant to be played or stfu


Do NOT tag me on this Lol.


I think this kind of thread will just have the opposite effect.

Like people believing that this cannot be the majority’s decision and start making threads for trading to oppose this thread.

But the best part about this thread is:

Someone who made two threads himself about this topic intending to forbid others from making them.
The response from everyone who wants to make a thread about trading will simply be:
“You made two threads yourself till you decided to give up. So why am I supposed to listen to you and give up without making even one thread about it?”

The only way to stop a topic from appearing is by ignoring any thread about it completely.
Only when there is no response to a thread will people truly give up on it.


I agree with you.
What you said is indeed true,however…
There are people like me,who simply can not resist the temptation of checking out every single thread there is…
Also…Some things just can’t be overlooked…Sometimes they get annoying…


And :question:

Everybody can post whatever she/he wants, as long as it is not against the forum rules.

So, if you don’t like it, just do NOT read it :exclamation:

Easy as that :exclamation:



oh shit I forgot to tag you. Wait no biggie. I didn’t know you were a fan of trading


I just made your point. Go see my new thread :smiley:


They should stop…the game will be even be more unbalanced

What if there rank 5 ppl who give items to their rank 25 account
What if noobs have valiant snipers,bunker shells,or magma blast?


I actually wanna a trade system where I can give out items and receive people in exchange.


The tittle of the topic says everything, no one have to explain anything. The most new players thinks trading is a good idea it’s not really relevant, the only problem here is that they can create topics for this brilliant idea.