Trading post idea?


Imagine black market auctions of rare items…
Thatd get out of hands in many aspects mate.


Also players could transfer items with a different reason like:
Can you give me 1 claw,your resistances,your plats this week for getting solo medal?next week i will give you my stuff and you can get solo medal too


3 easy ways to remedy a trading system.

#1 lock trades into tiers based on item rarity. equal # of items must be traded: While this system could be abused a bit, It isn’t game breaking, you are still earning your myth, legendary and epic items. You can just get the one you want.

#2 1 trade a day. trade size is limited. You can only multi trade up. (Just like boosting an item):
This would prevent obsessive trade abuse, while allowing more freedom in trading I.E. you can trade 4 epics for a legendary

#3 A fee for trading, the fee increases with the value of the items traded and when the value of the items is far apart: This could be used to severely punish abusers who are trying to buff a single account, as that account still would have to get the gold to fund the trade. while still allowing people who just want to give their buddy an awesome deal the ability to do it… for a price.

I’m telling you guys, trading would be an incredible addition to this game. I’m honestly surprised that no one has mentioned ideas for such easy ways to prevent abusing the trade system.

P.S. Tactisoft, if you implement this, I want tokens as compensation for my brilliance.

  1. no
  2. no
  3. no

reason why it’s a no: ts gives free tokens.




Please, guys! Can we all band together and use this “no” gif. It’d be so funny. :laughing:

Just copy it and use it for the next trading topic. No doubt, there’ll be more trading topics. :grin:


The last part of this post is so retarded I almost want you banned

But everything you said in it does make sense.


Deal with it guys.The trading idea is a meme in this forum.


Don’t have to deal with nothing since Tacticsoft will never allow for such an idea. It’d simply undermine all of Tacticsoft’s hard work on nerfing. That’s one year of nerfing.


Just, no.

TS will never implement this.


I Have a better idea and make it official.



Haha! That’s a good one!


Anyone make a big banner on all screen about the fact that no “TRADING” will EVER happen


Trading should go commit no


I really dislike this community sometimes. Instead of sperging out when you see the T word, read on and see exactly what’s being proposed. I think what he’s saying could be more accurately described as exchanging, not trading. I.e. not trading of items between players but rather sending that item to the scuppers in exchange for a cash value.

In any case that would be undisirable too. Use junk legendaries to transform and lower tiers for power, I think the fusing system already captures all tiers of items for alternative benefits besides actually using it. Maybe something like this for items already upgraded to mythical would be useful since the fusion retention from fusing old myths is disgustingly abysmal.

It’s not like it matters anyway our proposals are never accepted no matter how popular. Draw a pretty picture and they might use it and give the animators the day off though.


Bla bla bla And bla

Fuqing no to the trading.

The_yo_yo _man is taking over

Go commit no


Actually, Misfit, he later talked about trading. Hence, my comments here.


alright then


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