Trading post idea?


Click the heart if you actually posted a thread of Trading.

I know I did. :stuck_out_tongue::stuck_out_tongue::stuck_out_tongue::stuck_out_tongue::stuck_out_tongue:


I think the title should have been โ€œSell items back to store in exchange for goldโ€.

And then the prices for items would be:

Common level 1 - level 10: 500 gold - 1,000 gold
Rare level 1 - level 20: 2,000 gold - 6,000 gold
Epic level 1 - level 30: 30,000 gold - 70,000 gold
Legendary level 1 level 40: 200,000 gold - 500,000 gold
Mythical level 1 - level 50: 1,500,000 gold - 3,000,000 gold

Something like that.


That idea came to my mind, yet I didnโ€™t feel like posting it. Iโ€™m also pretty sure others posted something similar to that.


I know IT alerdy


If you donโ€™t want people to go all caps nd say โ€˜NOOOoOo STOP TraDIIiIINGG!!!11!11โ€™ on your idea, please read the forums abit to know what people hate.



I was about to xD . .


Hmmโ€ฆ Actually thatโ€™s a Good might be idea!




Deja Vu, have i seen this before No, i have seen it 193985510438473856073567 times




So dang people really hate trading. Sorry But i used to play back when this game had a REAL SHOP so I could get what I needed, I feel that needs to be replaced somehow.

And the power kit system is stupid and broken.


We dont hate it, we hate that your ones get more veiws then our ones XD


Thank you for explaining why instead of just saying trading is bad,Though the reasons trading is hated could easily be remedied. I understand why people hate it.


And i remember those days, i also remember when your torso has weapon slots


and I also remember those days when the Windigo could shoot lasers and the UltraNova could shoot a green ray xdxdxd hahahshahahhahahahhahahahahahahaha


it did remember XDDDDDD JK


xDDD hahahah


Yes, congrats to rrr for actually explaining it. In too many of these threads, I see players requesting trading without knowing the consequence (multiple account s) and then hordes of people come running in screaming

Also, in what ways could it be remedied?




Players should explain why they don t want this idea