Trading post idea?


I really dislike this community sometimes. Instead of sperging out when you see the T word, read on and see exactly what’s being proposed. I think what he’s saying could be more accurately described as exchanging, not trading. I.e. not trading of items between players but rather sending that item to the scuppers in exchange for a cash value.

In any case that would be undisirable too. Use junk legendaries to transform and lower tiers for power, I think the fusing system already captures all tiers of items for alternative benefits besides actually using it. Maybe something like this for items already upgraded to mythical would be useful since the fusion retention from fusing old myths is disgustingly abysmal.

It’s not like it matters anyway our proposals are never accepted no matter how popular. Draw a pretty picture and they might use it and give the animators the day off though.


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Fuqing no to the trading.

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Actually, Misfit, he later talked about trading. Hence, my comments here.


alright then








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i will try


I think it can be good, but it needs to be controlled. Like, players can use it to get the best stuff. Maybe use some limits and make it require gold?


Ah shit, here we go again.


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yesterday was revive random topics day


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If you do today what you could do yesterday, that means I can legally ask you to do the Deads’ Day, but today ?


where im at its 11:27 PM necromancing time isnt over yet


So it’s not yesterday, but today


well then i guess so… Maybe?