Trading post idea?


I think an ability to trade items/ currency would be awesome. I get epic and legendary stuff i cant use pretty often when i could really use the power instead.


So…you mean that you could “sell” the items for a certain amount of gold ?

I ask this because there is “Trading” in your title, and anything with “Trading” usually ask trading between players

(trading between players is simply one of the most, if not the most, hated from the deepest of the heart of the community idea ^^)


Another trading idea, serious.


Stop with these trade ideas!

Gee…just why.


People who are new to game don’t know, chill fella


I guess he didn’t search the before threads nor see them right in front of his eyes, when he was typing this one.


HE IS NEW, you really don’t get it?


Congratulations! this is 100th post about traiding :tada: it’s impossible to believe, but we DID IT ( Seriously anyone plz stop it /(-_-)\ )


Sorry mate,it’s just bs.


better yet convert them into power kits.


You can’t convert Reloaded items XD


i know. which is why im suggesting it for reloaded items.


NOOOOOOOOOOOO!!! rly? another one who comes whit this idea?:expressionless:


XD there is no need to freak out over this.


items for currency. is what hes saying. not trading in game items with other players.


Eh,im not freaked out


that sounds like your freaking out XD


maybe. but i wanted just to test how to make comments bigger lololol


yes but how about making them smaller?


let me make you understand why this idea is wrong with a simple example

pro player:hi kid want 2 phys valiant snipers for that useless energy valiant sniper?
noob:sure mate

this idea was posted many times before,check previous posts please,they won t add it


because if player could trade items they can get the items that they need without paying soo that means less money for ts

+players could transfer items from their accounts (if they have more than 1 acc)