Trading Items With other players


I think that you should be-able to trade items with other players so that you do not bored of the same items.


This has been a long-debated topic in this game.

Long story short - trading is a bad idea in this game, unless a solution for multi-accounts can be resolved.

I have been proposing “gifting” low-level fusion/upgrade fuel, instead of trading high-level myths to help players advance faster.

In any case, it is a general consensus of a lot of players that trading is bad.


Trading isnt BAD, per se. Just doesnt make sense in a game like Super Mechs.


If trading cost tokens/coins to both sides (dev is happy) and is limited to certain number between players (same player cannot just trade loads with few others) it could work very well in Supermechs.

Example: I want to upgrade some heat item and my pal wants to upgrade some physical. I can trade all my common physicals for they heat ones. It would help and be fun.


This a great idea but put back a minimum level to have some objects


i think you need to be rank ten or beater to trade


thats a good idea, because i have cool items that should not go to waste.


well i think there sould be store instead and you pay with tokens


I’d say restrict trading to about level 10 so that people can make a multi-account play the easy missions and get about 30 tokens in 7 mins then trade it to their main.