Trading is still going on and devs are careless?

Sigh… Kids these days…

I’m the Rasberry from forums

Tattisoft developer

Thanks for reporting.
We will investigate.
Please PM me these situations from now on.


The best way is to irritate them with nonsense stories :wink:

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Words cant describe how stupid you are when you lost your account even tho you made it with a legit email , thats why they dont care , your must be really really stupid in order to lose your acc to these people

I understand ur point :blush:
But thing is even small kids play this game and due to human tendency to give in to greed or find short cuts to rise to top fast they do this and eventually learn an important lesson not only in game but real life as well .so we shpuld always be ready to help such ppl so such things not happen more :slight_smile:

n fact, young children should not play this game. First, because transactions are handled with money.

Secondly, because although it is a competition game, it has violent content and is addcitive. In some countries there are existing rules against addictive games.

Small kids shouldn’t play this game. When you first try to enter the chat, it asks you for age verification of whether you are older than 13 or not. That means only 13+ should play this game. :slight_smile:

:joy:Lol :joy::joy::joy:

SM administration too soft

Go away Lauren, this has nothing to do with the topic!

Top clan.

Zarkares… what you want to show is that u have 400 tokens … for the poor to suffer …



This video is sad…

Please watch it


Closed it in 2 seconds.

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I serieously think this forum need a laughing emoji lol.
It sounds like a 7 or 8 yr boy xd
And yes @Wepwawet i agree this game is too much for kids to handle right now :slight_smile:


hahaha!! It looks like my fat cat !!

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