Trading in shop tokens for a campaign reset


My idea if pretty simple
Those silver arena tokens can be used to for a campaign reset.
The price would start at 100, and then the next reset would be 200, and the next 300, and so on, increasing by 100 each time.

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Those people who can reset this constantly without paying are gonna laugh at this.

Before you offer ideas on how to use a bug to do “good” for anyone.

Consider them needing to fix the exploit and patch any and all back doors so as to not have people who can reset without paying abuse it.

This is something this bloody company needs to fix. One of the many billion issues.


It’s already fixed, campaign reset isn’t a thing anymore.


Campaign reset is pretty broken.

From doing just all the missions alone, it is over 1000 tokens and 7 Premium Boxes in rewards if you count resetting campaign achievements.


I honestly need to see proof behind this. Because there’s entire threads and sites dedicated to hacking/exploiting/abusing bugs and shit on supermechs.

I wouldn’t be surprised to hear of people doing this at any later date.


We will pay 100 arena tokens for alot of those red shiny EXPENSIVE squares?!
I think that just a farming.
But it… maybe… can be improved.