Trading idea (cool new idea)


I think it would be cool if they added trading to the game and its a very cool idea yes thank you please vote because i love trading very much so yes

Who agrees trading is a good idea and should be added?

  • Me
  • Someone else

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If that added, I can trade my s*** for Mythical Void.



It’s very incredible idea, dreamed for it almost all year :smile:
P.S. But Elcent thinks this a spam idea and it will be unfair.
Some newbies start trade commons to mythicals, mythical to commons, seems unfair if some newbie see full mythical robot on 25 rank.


this is not a new conversation there have been many threads with this idea the devs have said that they will not make this feature.


Good morning :exclamation:

(it was meant as J O K E :exclamation: :wink: )


okay whatever just stop posting about trading




its never going to happen
I have posted about this before trying to get the devs to make it but all i got back was hating ITS NEVER GOING TO HAPPEN


yes tarde guud idea tanks for sugest


its a good idea but it never going to happen


You didnt vote “me”. Yet you say

Makes me wunder


It almost makes me think you arent being completely truthful with me


i just know that it will not happen

I love the idea personaly


It hurts, being lied to


It’s never too late to change your vote and apologize for your wrongdoings


its not a lie just stating the facts


there i have changed my vote to both of them


gg you need to put single chose lol


whatever i dont care