Trading accounts needs to be STOPPED

Ahhh, it’s another peaceful day, let’s go on Supermechs and chat with people :grinning:

After I got on, the first thing I see was “trade acc pls” or “give me acc pls i poor”. Like honestly, it’s absolutely RIDICULOUS. Why would you trade accounts when you put your efforts into making a perfect mech, then it gets taken away by a random stranger who won’t stop spamming trade. Just please stop, right now reporting won’t really help because some mods just ignore and think it’s not a big deal. There are players out there that actually got SCAMMED and it’s not OKAY.

I feel HARRASSED because I always get PMs asking to trade like I’m a teenager getting picked on every single day. Just because I have medals, doesn’t mean I’m good or I’m a p2w. This is an example:

When I was really desperate for the summer sale gold boxes, I just farmed some of the insane missions to get some tokens. I don’t ask to trade to get good.

These are my final words to all the traders:
Please stop trading, if you want to trade accounts, get your mech off from this game, we do not support trading.


I get that all the time. I just ignore or reply no. The funny thing about that is when I reply “NO,” they always reply back “WHY.” So, now I basically ignore it.


Anyone who asks me for my account will always get a stupid story.

Once I got a person who wanted to scam my account to talk about whale skinning for 1 hour, all because he misspelled “while” as “whale”.


Lazy people want much but get little, who work hard will prosper.

Zarc it really need to stop i logged in yesterday for s min and i saw that it is really annoying. It needs to be regulated cuz new players are innocent and get duped by such frauds easily



I hope you enjoy the story. I might write a novel soon. :slight_smile:



I know exactly what you mean. Some user asked me for my account, I said no. Dude threatened to get me banned. So I gave him an alternate account that I had not used for a while, 2 days later, I can’t log on to that account anymore. Funny thing is that that account was called hype troller, and I got trolled. Still, that account was good, maybe better than my main. It had the major electric build, while my main has duel swarms.

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@Devastator: I did the same thing a long while back before any mythicals. I said he can barrow it. Turns out that he changed the password. That was just one account I had. Then I left the game. I come back to the game on my other 2 accounts. Now here is what was best about the old forum. Once you make a SM account, you have a forum account. I don’t think many knew that. So I did a “I forgot my password” request. My email turned out to be the same. So I logged in to the one I gave away, changing the password. It didn’t seem active. It only had a spider torso and crappy build. I ended up tossing it aside. Glad I did. Don’t ask about having it, it’s not retrievable.

I only gave him alt account because he threatened to tell the admins that “I was not nice” and he would ban me. That was before I new about the new forums, or the fact that supermechs doesn’t really have admins. Just devs. I could care less about the not nice part, it was the ban I was concerned about. The old forums were dead by then, and I had no idea about the new one. Had I known, I might have made a topic and ask the community what I should do.

You did really bad lol, scammers don’t get banned, cheaters don’t get banned, pedophiles don’t get banned, why would you get banned by “not being nice”?


Trading accounts cannot be “stopped”. It’s like you’re telling “We have to stop Global Warming!”. These are just one of the things that we simply can’t stop. And trust me, if you’re annoyed because of these lazy hooligans, just ignore them. Or if you want to have some fun, just tell them “nonsense” stories as demonstrated by Fluxeon. :sunny:


Like your story @Fluxeon nice

No offence, but…




Does anyone have an acc? I will give you tokens.


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Me I wan’t @WMist253

My friend, There’s a button called “MUTE” and it’s there for a reason, If they get scammed that means they’re either a bunch idiots or just so gullible it’s amazing, I’ve seen a lot of people trying to scam me with Infinite token hacks, Rank 2 Accounts, Infinite gold etc. Just ignore and mute them, Easy, It’s not your problem if they get scammed, It’s only your problem if you, yourself get scammed

The trade is not the problem the problem is the “spaming” people like GODZILLA with “join my clan” every single day he spam to someone with again and again and again

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