Trade your Battles with this New Update!

Hi guys, Jason Vuong here, employee at Tacticsoft. I’d like to let you know that you can stop posting about clan trading and clan battles. You know why? because we’ve REMOVED the WHOLE clan feature entirely! This is to prevent cheating and abusing of the features, since as we all know, seeing to 19th post on the forum about these ideas is really fun, right guys?

Now, we’ve added a new thing: An alt account generator! Feel free to generate as many alt accounts as you want, because this is pointless and life is a lie!

So go ahead: Read a book. Write a book. Book a vacation for your book :smile:


Sam J.


It is not pointless at all, Jason V.!! Create multiple accounts and purchase tokens for each of them! Now that is a brilliant idea! In the future we plan to add a special feature: “Alt Account Generator”, similar to “Legacy Converter”, you never know when it hurts you… Simply, with each logon AAG generates another account, especially for you, with the obligation to buy at least 100 tokens! And we are also investigating the data and if it needs adjusting, we will do so in the future!
Happy Supermechs Day!