Trade weapons with people

I want new weapons but don’t want to spend money

Buy money, then spend it. Simple as that.

20 charecters

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They need to make sentence limit in this section , u just can’t demand something! For god’s sake atleast think about what u say before U say it

There are 13-15 other posts already on this topic , and another one was made today also.

Enough of this, it goes. To spam, if you seriously have some thoughts about it and some valid arguments please post in one of the other 15 topics that have already been created

Edit: You must understand. TRADING WILL NEVER BE ADDED

Read it if u want to know why this is a stupid idea

One way to get many items is by using all your fuel on farming the first boss on normal mode a bunch of times. You will get mix boxes pretty often, and every once and a while you will get a fortune box, which often gives epics and gives a chance of legendary to. Also, if you farm ramboy 12-13 times a day you will get 24000 gold + 4000 for campaign quest and another + 4000 for item quest. So you will get income of over 30,000 gold a day with just campaign, and you will likely have some items to fuse, or maybe a new one if your lucky. THis is a good way to get items. The idea of trading items is not. It sounds great, but the problem is

  1. People could make multiple accounts, use their starting tokens to buy packs, trade that with their main account, and repeat the process with up to hundreds of new accounts.
  2. Tactisoft loves making life harder for you.