Trade weapons in clans at level 40

i want to be able to trade weapons in clans

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what level are you i am level 35

This fucking idea has been suggested 37183673926382936 times.

Trading will never be added.


i ment in your clan dumb ass

Stop creating topics for every single idea you have…

Trading will never be added.


No, I think you’re off by around 4…


everyone is showing so much hate just for a suggestion i mean, i think this suggestion is dumb but you don’t have to rage about it

Nonetheless I think people are raging cuz trading has been brought up plenty of times as a suggestion and
A) it won’t be added
B) people are sick to see thread about this popping out in the forum

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Well people shouldn’t really hate and curse at someone just because they suggested an idea that may be bad and people can just ignore it, i mean why would you even come to this forum is you know if its about trading from the title and is gonna annoy you

You didn’t understood the problem. Let me show you.

And this is just a lil part of the threads about trading.

IF people would take a few seconds for using search function (unknown to the most) they would realize there are plenty of similar threads and posting another one won’t bring anything constructive to the forum. Anything. Instead they are gonna attract anger, like it or not.

And with that I don’t wanna say it’s fair to curse or insult 'em, just that we are on the internet here and things pretty much go this way.


If i cursed someone for suggesting something like the reloaded update being undone which has been suggested LOADS of times people would think im a toxic jerk.

And also, this guy posted 6 topics about trading just because he needs better weapons! NOBODY CARES.

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Well i guess that fair :grinning:

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Kudos to you for finding and linking all those.

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