Trade items, gold and tokens

its to be a very good idea to the game to be a good trader in the game so its awesome to trade w/u friends you companiors clan so bye.

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do not talk about trading its tabbo


2 words for you.




W H Y I S T H I S H E R E ? ? ?

Why are we are? What is life? Where are the pinatas at?

What the f*ck,people?
Did you see how many other “trading system” ideas there are on this forum?
Did you even see the post that said :“You need to stop, trading will never be added”?
Are you doing this on purpose?
If you are making this thread just for the hang of it…You,my friend,are an a**hole.

Glad to see you in good shape L4K3 XD

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On my phone or not,I simply cannot resist the urge to see what’s going on in this forum.Blame me :stuck_out_tongue:
And seriously now…This is getting annoying.
This kind of post is like some new form of cliché in this place…

The SM forums’ meme XD

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stop talking about trading it will not happen.

Please stop this already… Trading is bad, we’ve explained it many times. Unless you can find some way to prevent account spamming, don’t bring it up… please and thank you.

Well, I already mentioned it in that other thread but if a thread “do not do this or that in the forum” is created like

then you can bet on players showing up doing exactly those kinds of things that were demanded not to be done in that thread.

Edit: Also as everyone knows “Hope dies last.”. So even if everyone else has already given up a new player still has that hope and will try by himself, too, to achieve what everyone else has given up on believing that the world will turn upside down just for him.

no bro i placed this for a idea but u dont give me liberty to update?

He’s just trying to say you this is a terrible idea.

.i. bro i triying to get good ideas

So why you put a middle finger in your sentence? LoL