Tournement idea


I was thinking about the idea of a championship between players
From month to month everyone can play to win coins and tokens and Evene boxes .
you will play Against some Competitors in you’re rank
then few wil go to next round
and like that Until 1000 still
all of them will win alot of things
i was thinging of alot of Adjustments
if you like it will make it better
so what you thing


A Small little tournament like this that you have to put in Gold or Coins.

All players who participate have to be the same rank.
A small little tournament.

“PS: Those were the only mechs that were in my pics. So I did it fast.”

The Idea Of Tournaments

i wanta big tournament
1000 will win prises


It really wouldn’t be fair and there wouldn’t be a lot of participants. If there were to be something like a huge tournament, everyone would have to be in the same rank. So rank 1 tournament, rank 2 tournament and so on. There is not a lot playing, so each rank tournament would have to be small. If it was a mix tournament, it wouldn’t be balance out right…


yeh that is a good idea

but they will just back to rank 20 to have an easy win


evreyone in rank 9 as exemple

they will fight each other 200 will stay all of them will fight the 200 winner from rank 8


Yea, but the put in prize would be less. And it would be better if the tournament start at rank 15 or rank 10. Then that be fair.


yeh that is what i was think too


Its a. GoodA idea bri


The players who won (rank 10) will fight the players who loose from the auter rank 9


and those who are won from the begining will have prises


all the players will fight each other from every rank
if you won you can chose to get out with what you’ve got or keep playen
from rank 10 to 1
players will fight each other from the same rank Until 50 player stay in every rank
the prises will be Different
Considering the rank

  • i like this idea
  • i don’t like this idea

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please i want evryone to vote


fuera bastante bueno así un mini torneo como están disiendo ustedes


Gracias. Espero que voten si les gusta la idea.


Oh no! so close, im only rank 11!