I was thinking that there are options of fighting 1v1/2v2/3v3 in our game for test…why can’t we use it to hold some tournaments?
Like it will be helpful to bring new ideas, new builds, new potentials on our views…
and anyways we do have the option to watch the replays in arena right?
The devs can just put that in there…and we can watch and see tactics, builds and ofc enjoy.
The tournament could be held rank wise…
There would be no use of taking tournament of lower ranks but…
Like, we could held tournaments for skull ranks i.e. 1-3 and 4-5 ( i am confused here btw)
likewise the rewards could be differed ( i leave that to devs)
My aim is to bring new potential on field with new spirit.
And this tournament could be held once a month or something( this to i leave to devs)
What do you think guys?


I like the idea but I more so like the player based tournaments so I don’t vote up to this but

  • gud idea
  • idfk kid get a life WTFriday you terrible human being

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