Tournaments in the game


So I have been thinking about this.How about if there was a tournament in the game.
-There would be 16 players.
-Entry fee would be 10 tokens or 100,000 SM coins depending on the tournament.
-Rewards could be tokens,SM coins or boxes:
Example:1st place:100 tokens/100,000 SM/mythical box
2nd place:50 tokens/50,000 SM/gold box
3rd place:10 tokens/10,000 SM/silver box
-Rewards would depend on the type tournament that is held.
-Every rank will have its own tournament and the higher the rank the better prizes.

So what to you guys think and I don t know if this topic was started before.


I gave this Idea in the old forum. Didn’t do so good. I’m for it though.


different ideas of tournaments was offered lomg before. I will point out what your suggestion have.
First, amount of players and rewards. Game have hunderds of rank 1s, hundreds of ranks 2-4, thousads of weaker ranker players. 16 players tournament is too small. Further, only 3 winning places for 16 players feels too bad.
Second, linking diferent tournament tiers to rank is silly. Higher rank means nothing than this one fought better at arena.
Third, you didn’t define rules of tournament battle themself. Are players are fighting in single elmimination (winner moves forward, loser waits for next tournament) or in “score max wins”? Is fighting lasts 1, 3 ot 5 rounds (1 round = full duel, thus, keep fighting till 1, 2 or 3 wins)? How much total opponents every participant meets? And of course, allowed equipment.

my personal favourite implementation:

  • Umlimited number of participants. No rank limit
  • Relative number of rewards. Best 1%, 5%, 10%, 25%, 50% of all participants receive rewards based on what % they reached
  • Equipment: draft. Each player receives set of random gear (no myphicals, no legendaries) and makes their mech out of it; only this mech is allowed to fight in tournament battles. Players are allowed to modify their mech at any time, but they cannot gain more equipment for that and can only use one they got at the beginning.
  • Each participant can go to tournament arena at any time, to fight random other participant. Since all participants have access to the same equipment pool, no standart ranks there, everyone can fight everyone; also, only one mode (1v1 or 2v2 or 3v3) is allowed and used for all battles
  • Each participant starts with defined amount of rank points, always the same for everyone (for example, 5000). Each victorty increases your tournament rank points, while each defeat reduces.
  • When tournament time ends, ranking list of players based on points they have defines how well each one is rewarded. For example, with 1024 aprticipants, top 256 are passing into top 25% reward category

Supposed rewards, with X being certain part of entry fee (probably 60-80%)
Top 1% players receive 10X an also a gold box and power kit 10000
Top 5% players receive 5X an also a gold box and power kit 5000
Top 10% players receive 4X an also a silver box
Top 25% players receive 1,66X an also a silver box
Top 50% players receive 1X
Everyone participating is allowed to keep the items they received in the tournament, as well as standart credits/XP rewards they got from battles. Supposed entry fee is 500K credits
Additionally, if 1000 or more players are participating, top 0,1X may also receive second golden box


Ok that can work also.


I just thought that this idea would be cool because it will give a chance to non-pay players to get some boxes because this game is basically pay to win.


thats exactly why I like draft tournaments idea. Number of your mythicals means nothing - only your mech construction ability and “piloting” skill (and maybe some luck) decide the winner. Meanwhile, players who paid real money are still likely to be high in standart ranking list


I like it but the higher level players should be separated from the lower leveled players of course :slight_smile:


why so? its not obvious for me


And the best players with medal should be separated as they have advantage of power kits , fusion and mythicals


what advantage? you didn’t read, right?


I think you really don’t understand how big of an advantage best players have


who? me?
as I said, you totally didn’t read my suggestions here


He s probably saying that there would be randomly selected items and that the items won t be fused so even if it is a high rank player it would not make a difference because of the random items and every player will have a chance depending on his skills,experience and luck.