Tournament mode


This isn’t an original idea, I first saw this implemented in clash royale a couple years ago. But essentially, it would be a separate ladder system over the course of days to get some great rewards, medals, bragging rights, etc. Similarly to CR, all players would have their items reduced to a certain rarity and level when playing in the tournament, as well as no arena buffs. This would allow low level/rank players to play with the higher ranks while having a relatively fair chance against them. I think it would be a great addition for PVP because in its current state it feels a little lackluster. Not to mention that many high level players don’t want to pvp for risk of losing their rank.

INB4 someone mentions that not all items are common-myth. I’m sure the progression of items from lvl 0-max level is calculated. So reversing those calculations for say an L-M to scale it down to an epic version for the tournament only. Same could be applied for items that might only go to epic.

Any thoughts/ideas to refine mine?