Tournament Idea

I have an idea for a feature called Tournaments. It’s where you would bet a certain amount of Tokens and you play against other people who also betted Tokens. If you beat your opponent, you get their bet amount and if you win the tournament you get the total amount of Tokens betted.
(The Example Is Not What It Will Be Like It Just Shows The Idea)

Do You Like The Idea?



Not bad but you could change token prices

I know, but the example is experimental.

Ok soo like the same rank players go to tournament i guess

You can team up with one in the tournament, your teammate loses intentionally bcz you were betting tokens on enemy

Yeah sorta like that.

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I hope I do not get hackers … they do not get caught now, I doubt they do it later

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That’s not what I was thinking.

What is that gif is supposed to symbolize?

It can be exploited like that tho

There won’t be chat so you can’t team.

You can do it on other sites tho

you assume that hackers and exploiters are assholes …

No I mean there is no chat at all for the game event.

I like the idea, I just don’t like the idea of betting tokens
maybe the tournament could be more like if you enter you need to pay like lest say 5 tokens to get in, you get tokens every fight you win (more the higher the win)

no, this is exploitable. big time. and it only funnels tokens to the money spenders.

thats look fun but it would be hard because people are on at different times

This is in early development and this a beta version. So don’t hammer me for coming up with a not complete idea, ok?

I like the idea there needs to be some tweaks but it is good.

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