Torso type specific weapons. non mixable


How about making some weapons that can only be used if the torso is the same type ?

That is Physical weapons that c an only be used with Physical Torso

and heat for heat

and Energy for energy torso ?

dont get me wrong , I am not saying All the system . no

I am saying keep it as is for the older weapons and make new weapons that cant be mixed with different type of Torso ?

This will add some varity for the game for people who want to try the new set of weapons. and will force people to try all kind of build types .

… this is contradictory
but before i get to that… no, the game itself is about the freedom to create whatever build you want, if you made certain weapons not be able to be used unless you have the same type torso then you’d limit one of the main mechanics of the game


the whole system of the game is make whatever you want and win with it, making specifi weapons that require a specific torso type limits the ability

and tbh…

this wont add variety since the weapons wont allow variety
lets say the weapon is good, then everyone will want it, but then they’ll be forced to use a certain type of torso while they could be using others

it’s contradictory

so i’d say no

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What contradictory ? it is just some new weapons people can ignore them if yhou want mixed up Mechs.

it’s contradictory because your saying they can do more builds while this weapons will be stuck to only one type of torso

that is contradictory

your limiting the torso people can choose

I am not limiting anything I am adding new weapons to the game … people can still use older mechs . but the new ones need same torso thats all.

for example : you can use mixed weapons as you wish but if you want the newer weapons then must choose the right torso …

OFC every one has a torso so he/she will be able to use one of the new weapons by default.

well yeah but the weapon wont be equipable to any other torso type that’s not the same, basically limiting mixes, is this like an anti smurf system but extreme? because what if you wanted to build a good phy set up with a phy weapon that can only be equiped with a phy torso,but you can only equip a zark or brutality torso? basically you cant use it
and this doesnt benefit mainly heat mechs since they are the ones that mostly use other weapon types since they lack the items with the right stats like push, or range, maybe even strength. this weapon is basically against mix builds or certain counter builds

so ?

you need tghat weapon get the right torso … what is the big deal here ?

and we did not say what are the weapons yet … let the devs thjink about it torso specific weapons.

What about Zarkares? It’s a heat Torso but is mainly used for phys and sometimes energy.

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well adding weapons that cant be equipped by other elements already sounds bad enough so…
that’s the problem

well each will enjoy one of that new 3 weapons anyways so it is not a bad idea at all.

Just this time is Torso specific.

if you want to use three of them , well change the torso

and loose the stats you wanted? no thanks

I think if you were going to do something like this, you would need to add a high HP energy torso. It’s much easier to fix heat and energy problems with modules than it is to fix HP problems- engines and mass boosters which go to myth are light and plentiful, good plates are not.

So while heat and phys both have multiple 1k+ HP torsos, the highest HP energy has about 100 less than Brutality.

If you added like a 360kg energy torso with good HP, I would absolutely use it in lieu of Zark on an energy mech.